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Brad Goreski Opens Up About Rachel Zoe Feud

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If you watched the last season of Rachel Zoe Project, you would know that Brad Goreski was Rachel Zoe's former style assistant but then became the target of her ire when he decided to depart her camp to strike out on his own. Brad talks about the split from his former boss for the first time and reveals that to him, the rift is completely one-sided.

During the fourth season of RZP, Rachel often bad-mouthed Brad, claiming that Brad told them he was leaving to live a quiet life, only to start his own styling business and steal her clients. Don't expect Brad to bitch about Rachel; however, he was hell bent on clearing his name. 

According to the Daily Beast:

Brad said: “I think it’s unfortunate that she decided to take the angle that she did because it’s not the truth.”

“It’s unfortunate that all of the time that I spent with her, and the many lengthy conversations that we had discussing my departure from working with her, that she would choose to character assassinate me on television.”

"I just think it’s unfortunate that she feels so competitive with me in a way. Because I left to create a name for myself — and not to ride on any of her coattails."

Brad also denies claims that he had been "stealing" clients from Rachel. "That’s not the truth...and she knows that’s not the truth. I didn’t even say goodbye to a lot of her clients because I didn’t want anything to be misconstrued as me soliciting anybody."

I don't care what Rachel says about Brad, really. In every episode that he was on, Brad appeared to be a talented, fun, entertaining and a genuinely kind person. He's also mildly crazy, which is actually 'normal' for fashion folks. There are always two sides to a story, but after watching Brad for three seasons on RZP, I have a hard time believing half the stuff that Rachel claimed that Brad did. 

It's a Brad, Brad World debuts tonight on Bravo at 10pm. The Beehive will be tuning in. Will you?



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